Interview met Adas Papartis, leidinggevende van de Volungės school in Vilnius

In mei 2022 is er door de trainers van KlassePro vier dagen training gegeven in de hoofdstad van Litouwen, Vilnius. Het was mooi om te ervaren dat de ingezette online training, die is gestart in december 2021 ook in Litouwen net zo enthousiasmerend werkt als in Nederland. In november 2022 komt een delegatie van vier scholen inspiratie opdoen op Nederlandse scholen. Continu verbeteren verbindt: ook over grenzen heen!

KlassePro sprak met Adas Papartis, leidinggevend van de Volungės school in Vilnius.


1. What was your first acquaintance with continuous improvement and what did you think?

“For the first time I faced Continuous improvement in a lecture organized by Vilnius City Municipality with the KlassePro team. The first reaction was that no, it’s not for us and Continuous improvement is not very suitable for our mentality, but when we heard about it for a second time and met the team, we thought that it really works and it can work in our school.”


2. How did you enthuse your collegues en what is the secret to keep them motivated?

“I paid a lot of attention to presenting the theory and giving examples from the lectures I heard. Teachers motivate because they have a unified system, they see change and good feedback from parents, students. I think the successful implementation of CI requires: a democratic and open school culture, the enthusiasm of the administration, to give teachers enough time to implement it, to have enough knowledge about CI methodology.”


3. Can you tell something about the results?

“The results are satisfying. Bearing in mind that these are only the first steps, teachers’ motivation is not decreased, the administration is also eager to continue the work started. We feel we are moving in the right direction, which is the biggest win.”


Het databord van de school van Adas, met als thema Harry Potter.